Beautiful waterfalls in Northumberland holiday cottages

Beautiful waterfalls in Northumberland

Kim 25 May 2023

10 Beautiful waterfalls in Northumberland 

The waterfalls in Northumberland are some of the best in the country. The rolling scenery and wetter weather provide perfect conditions for rushing torrents that have carved paths through the landscape for millennia. And there’s always something a little bit magical about a waterfall, whether it’s hidden away in the trees or rushes over a towering cliff face. That’s why we’ve brought together this collection of the most beautiful waterfalls in Northumberland. Add them to your bucket list and get out to explore during your next Northumberland stay! 

Hen Hole and the Three Sisters, the Cheviot Hills 

The Hen Hole is a glorious gorge in rugged and unspoiled scenery where you can leave real life completely behind for a few hours. In fact, so mystical is this spot, that folk tales are told of beautiful fairy music, secret underground passages, and men capable of leaping tremendous distances! There is a series of cascades along the river, the most impressive of which is the Three Sisters. Three distinct strands of water pour into the pool below, which is hidden by a ginormous rock wedged into place many, many years ago. 

And what about the unusual name? It’s thought to be derived from the old Celtic word for “old”, making it the “old hollow”. A perfect title for such a special place! 

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Linhope Spout, Ingram 

Perfect for picnicking and popular for wild swimming, Linhope Spout gently flows down a steep mossy slope. Legend goes that the pool is bottomless, so don’t go down too far! 

This lovely isolated spot is only reachable on foot by way of a short walk. Thanks to its location away from modern life, the wildlife is abundant and the likes of red squirrels can be seen bounding across the forest floor or scuttling up tall trees. 

Stay nearby: Old Post Office House | Sleeps 4 + 2 dogs 

Hindhope Linn, Blakehopeburnhaugh 

Hindhope Linn is a hidden gem in Redesdale Forest, yet is only a short walk from the car park. It provides great photo opportunities, and the easy walk (with a few short steps) makes it an excellent option if you have kids. Forest paths wind through the Scots Pine and larch, remnants of the ancient forest that once covered the North. For more forests to explore in Northumberland, check out our guide.

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Hareshaw Linn, Bellingham 

As a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Hareshaw Linn has lots of wonderful discoveries to offer those who care to seek them. Home to rare ferns and lichen, as well as elusive creatures such as red squirrels, badgers and bats, it’s a naturists dream! 

The walk from the handy car park takes you through woodland, along the river, and over a number of pretty bridges until you reach the magical grotto and the 30-foot waterfall. Take a moment or two to appreciate the sounds and the nature surrounding you before continuing with your walk past some lovely viewpoints. 

Stay nearby: Hareshaw Cottage | Sleeps 2 + 2 dogs 

Crammel Linn, Brampton 

At 25 feet tall, Crammel Linn is Northumberland National Park’s highest waterfall. It’s an impressive sight, coming into view after a walk across an open stretch of moorland along the River Irthing. Though the path passes the top of the falls, it is possible to get down to the bottom, though very steep and slippy so you should take great care. The waterfall is even more impressive from the bottom, where the double falls can really be appreciated for their power and size. 

While you’re there, look out for peregrine falcons and ravens - which are known to nest nearby - and the derelict military structures slightly upstream. 

Stay nearby: The Keeper's Hideaway | Sleeps 4 + 2 dogs

Jesmond Dene Falls, Newcastle 

Although Jesmond Dene Falls is technically in Newcastle rather than Northumberland, we couldn’t resist including it here! The unusual location is part of its charm: the park, Jesmond Dene, creates a corridor through part of Newcastle. As a result, it’s a tranquil retreat from city life, and an excellent spot for wildlife. Look out for red squirrels and kingfishers while you’re there. 

Although the waterfall itself is man-made, it’s still a pretty place where the water flows into a rocky grotto over a stepped cliff. A stone bridge arches over the plunge pool, creating a relaxing spot from where to admire the falls. While you’re here, look out for holes in the rock where they were lifted into place. 

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Corby’s Letch, Alnwick 

Corby’s Letch is one of the hidden waterfalls in Northumberland. Easy to miss by those heading onto the popular climbing routes of Corby’s Crag, if you can find it, you’ll discover magical falls straight from a fairytale! Gently dropping in several stages, this is a small but delightful waterfall under a bridge on the B6341 road. A pleasant circular route takes in Corby’s Letch, the crags, and the wonky ruins of Edlingham Castle. If you don't want your outdoor adventure to stop there, it's worth heading into Alnwick town for a visit to The Alnwick Garden, one of our favourite gardens in Northumberland

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Routin Linn, Wooler 

Often called Roughting Linn - not to be confused with another waterfall of the same name just a few miles away - Routin Linn is a hidden gem with 20-foot falls plunging in a sheet into the pool below. This is a site that’s drenched in history. Just a short walk away, outcrops of sandstone bear ancient rock carvings thought to date back around 4,000 years! What these engravings mean is still a mystery, but they could be anything from maps to marks of ritualistic significance. Either way, it’s rather humbling to consider the ancient ancestors who would have been awed by the same landscape as we see today. 

Stay nearby: Braeside | Sleeps 4 + 1 dog 

Roughting Linn, Chatton 

This Roughting Linn is formed from a series of narrow flat rocks that create a lovely picture as the water drops between them. If you’re after an adventure on your Northumberland waterfall walk, then this is the place to head to. Though there’s a public footpath, it’s quite overgrown and there are several cow-studded fields to cross. 

When you arrive, you’ll feel a real sense of discovery, and can be smug in the fact that not everyone gets this far! A sense of achievement isn’t all you get at Roughting Linn, though: the secluded cove is a tranquil location where you can enjoy some time to yourself, safe in the knowledge you’re unlikely to see anyone else there. 

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Davidson’s Linn, Alwinton 


Remote and deep in the national park, Davidson’s Linn can only be reached via a 10-mile round trip on foot. As a result, it’s only suitable for experienced hikers, but is nonetheless widely considered the best of the Northumberland National Park waterfalls. 

The walk to the falls is reasonably easy to follow, if quite long, with lots of interesting landscape to keep your mind occupied. When you arrive, you’ll be blown away by this spectacular waterfall down a steep gorge. Well worth the trek! 

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Is waterfall bagging for you?

There are plenty of opportunities explore the wonderful waterfalls in Northumberland during your stay. Make sure you’ve got a good base at one of our wonderful self-catering cottages in and around the national park. 

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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