Premium Cottages in Northumberland

Premium Cottages

Luxury Holiday Cottages in Northumberland

Our ‘Premium Cottages’ are a featured range of properties in our portfolio which are all outstanding in their own way. Whether it’s superb views, private Ocean Club membership or additional amenities and luxuries, our extensive range of luxury holiday cottages mean you can find the rural paradise of your dreams.

Here at Cottages in Northumberland, we’ve learned that it’s the small things that can really make a difference. In our Premium Cottages section, we’ll guide you through the very best Northumberland has to offer - and we pride ourselves on having an intimate knowledge of all of our properties, meaning we can help you find luxury holiday cottages in Northumberland guaranteed to please.

Why Northumberland?

Northumberland is British beauty at its finest - offering access to breath-taking landscapes and sensational coastal views. There are luxury holiday cottages scattered throughout the beautiful Northumberland countryside - and with Cottages in Northumberland, you can find the premium cottage that’s right for you. Whether you’re tempted by the luxurious extras, local delicacies or lush scenery, our range of premium cottages is sure to satisfy.

Find Luxury Holiday Cottages Today

Finding luxury holidays in Northumberland couldn’t be easier. Explore our Premium Cottages section now to find premium city breaks and luxury coastal cottages in Northumberland. The best part is every cottage is completely unique - so when you find your holiday with Cottages in Northumberland, you can rest assured you’ve found an exclusive taste of the Northern landscape. If you need any extra assistance or have specific questions about a particular cottage, at Cottages in Northumberland, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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