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Posted 5 Jul 13, written by Amanda Lambert

One of NewcastleGateshead’s most iconic spaces has been changed into a seaside paradise this Summer. Last week, I decided to take a look for myself with my little boy and explore this little oasis as I’d heard so much about it and my little boy was excited about seeing the bridges and playing with the sand.

After parking by the Sage Gateshead we walked down the bank and walked across the Millenium Bridge by the Baltic. The views from the bridge are amazing and there were lots of opportunities to stop and admire the views across the Tyne. 



Once across the bridge, you see will see the Pitcher and Piano which is a great place to meet up for a drink or a have a bite to eat with friends. There are fantastic views of the Quayside from here so it is well worth the visit. It is especially nice to sit outside and dine alfresco on a summer’s day and enjoy the ambience of the Quayside.




Just across the bridge, you will see the Quayside Seaside. This is a lovely relaxing space with fantastic views of the River Tyne and Baltic. There is a good opportunity for you to sit back and relax whilst watching the bustle of everyday life pass by. There are plenty of deckchairs, palm trees and golden sand. To add to the seaside theme, there is also a volley ball net and lots of buckets and spades for the little ones to enjoy. 



After having some fun in the sand, we then decided to walk a little further along the Quayside heading towards Mariner’s Wharf, where you get to see a different viewpoint of the River with all the bridges in view and the Baltic.

There are some interesting abstract sculptures that you can see along this stretch of the Quayside including The Swirle Pavillion, The Blacksmith’s Needle and the River God. 









Just along this stretch of the Quayside, there is an opportunity to have a cruise along the Tyne with River Escapes. Cruises are run throughout the week at specific times and booking is advisable. There are 3 cruises to choose from including a Quay to City, Quay to Countryside and Quay to Sea. The Quay to City is the shortest of the three cruises lasting one hour and runs 3 times a day from June to September. Each cruise has a guide who will commentate during the trip and tell you all about the world renowned landmarks along the Tyne. For more information or to book, please visit:

After exploring this part of the Quayside, we then crossed back over the bridge to explore The Baltic.







The Baltic is a major international centre for Contemporary Art which is housed in a landmark industrial building once the Baltic Flour Mill on the South bank of the River Tyne. There is so much to see and do at the Baltic for everyone– young and old alike and what’s more it is a free attraction with family friendly activities. There are exhibitions on each floor of the Baltic from a wide range of contemporary artists. To find out which exhibitions are showing currently visit:


There is a viewing point from the top floor of the Baltic which gives fabulous panoramic views of the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside and the River Tyne. You can also admire the great views whilst using the glass walled lift to travel to the different exhibitions on each floor. in the Also whilst using the lift in the Baltic which is positionned on the outside of the building with glass panelled walls, you can also enjoy the wonderful views as you travel between exhibitions.

There is a stunning rooftop restaurant at the top of the Baltic called Six, which has breathtaking views and terrific food and service – well worth a visit if you fancy a special treat or are looking for somewhere a bit different! There is also a nice café bar downstairs at the Baltic which is open everyday and is perfect for lunches and light refreshments. There is also a nice gift shop which is full of quirky gifts to take away as a souvenir of your visit to the Baltic.

All in all the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside is a great place to visit this Summer with lots to see and do including its very own city centre oasis!

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