A Family day out in the Simonside Hills

Posted 21 Jun 13, written by Amanda Lambert

My family and I decided to have a day out in Northumberland during the May half term holidays. It was a lovely warm sunny day so we enjoyed a picnic in the woodland area before setting off on our walk (or adventure as I describe it to my two children, who don’t like the word ‘walk’)!

Following the red arrows, we embarked on our 4 mile adventure to climb the Simonside Hills. The woodland path is very scenic and there were two large magnificent craggy rocks that you can see from the path.

After about ½ a mile, you pass through a gated entrance where you start to ascend up a rocky pathway (ensure you have good footwear as this part of the walk can be quite muddy in places!)

At the top of this path, you can see the towering craggy Simonside Hills.

Approaching the foot of the hills, there is a very rocky path which leads straight up to the hills plateau. This path can be quite precarious in places, but it is well worth the effort!

When we arrived at the top, the views were amazing and it goes without saying there is a real sense of personal achievement. We stopped at the top for a well earned breather and drink.

The children loved the mound of rocks at the top and scrambled up the top to place their stones on the top.

 The walk across the top of the hills was great and there were another couple of huge interesting rocks protruding from the hillside.

Word of advice, stick to the path as there are a few muddly bogs as our dog found out!

I loved seeing the cotton grass on the marsh land – it is not often that you find it on walks unless you are very high up.

The walk back, is always good as you are on the descent.

However it all proved too much for my little boy who fell asleep on his Dad’s shoulders whilst getting a piggy back.

The walk through the woodland is magical, especially with the sunlight dappling on the woodland stream. Our dog had a bit of clean up in the stream before we finished of the last ¼ mile walk back to the car.

Needless to say, a great day out and we certainly all slept well that night!


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