8 of the Best Dog Friendly Hotspots in the North East

Posted 19 Oct 15, written by Amanda Lambert

 If you’ve struggled to find dog-friendly places to take your fluffy pal, it’s time to get inspired. Recently, we gave readers a Dog’s Guide to Holidays in Northumberland - and today, we’re exploring the region’s hotspots you can visit whenever you’re both in the mood to hang out.

Paws up!

If you’re in the mood for a drink but don’t want your dog to stay tied up outside in the cold or at home, here are some of the very best dog friendly pubs where owners and their pets can relax together.

1. Brandling Villa


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If you’re in the Newcastle city centre with your dog, take a trip to Brandling Villa. The pub is not only incredibly dog-friendly but also serves your dog with dinner, too - so you can literally have dinner with your dog! The Brandling Villa also hosts a range of exciting live shows, so you can indulge in some evening entertainment and spend as much time as you like at the pub - knowing your dog is right there beside you.

2. City Tavern


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Once again, Newcastle proves that four-legged friends are a top priority. The City Tavern is another place you can sit down with a cold, refreshing drink, knowing your canine companion isn’t far away. The quirky architecture gives this pub bags of Northern charm, with a facade that’s evocative of the Tudor era and an interior filled with bookshelves, chandeliers and exposed brickwork - offering both you and your pet a place to relax and soak up some regional culture.

3. Craster Arms


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The Craster Arms
is situated in the heart of Beadnell, giving your dog an opportunity to roam the expansive Northumberland coast before a well-earned rest at this local hotspot. Promising a “friendly Northumbrian welcome”, this traditional inn is a place where you and your dog can enjoy a comfortable evening following an afternoon in the open air. Better yet, your dog can even cosy up by the fire and have a refreshing bowl of water after an action-packed day of outdoor exercise.

Furry friends

If your canine companion is restless and eager for some pals to play with, why not visit one of these local animal shelters? Who knows - you may end up walking out with a few new additions to the family!

4. Pawz for Thought


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If you’re in the mood to visit some other friendly critters, why not take a trip to Pawz for Thought in Sunderland? With dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals ready for you to meet as soon as you walk through the door, it’s hard to pass up such an adorable opportunity to make new friends.

5. Stray Aid


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Stray Aid
in Coxhoe, Durham, is a lovely place to visit if you’re in the mood to befriend some characterful canines. Founded by John and Sue Bielby, the charity helps to rehome dogs that would otherwise have been put to sleep. If you walk out without considering adding a new friend to the family, we’ll be surprised.

A Taste of Local History

6. Black Middens Bastle House


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Why not take your dog on a journey to the past by exploring Bastle House? Located in Bellingham, Northumberland, this two storey-fortified stone farmhouse dates back to the 16th century. You’ll love learning about how farmers survived out in the open with their families - and your dog will enjoy the freedom to roam Northumberland’s rural landscape.

7. Hexham Old Gaol

There’s no reason why your pup should miss out on learning about the history of Northumberland, and Hexham Old Gaol is the ideal place to do just that. Claiming the title of the oldest purpose-built prison in England, this museum gives you a chance to take your dog through its ancient cells.

Catch the sales

8. Barter Books


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Barter Books
is a favourite of ours - and not just because it’s one of the largest second hand bookstores in the country. This one-of-a-kind bookshop invites your lovely canine friends to come and browse the shelves with you. This Winter, why not take a trip to Alnwick, and relax with your dog by one of their open firesides? Your furry friend will feel right at home!

These are just some of the local hideouts that make the North East one of the most dog-friendly areas of the UK - and if your dog can’t wait for the next adventure, why not stay in one of our dog friendly cottages and see what the North East has to offer you and your four-legged companion? Whatever you’re looking for in a break, there are guaranteed to be plenty of activities for you and the whole family to enjoy.


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