6 Reasons to Choose a Cottage Over a Tent

Posted 12 Sep 17, written by Amanda Lambert

With an abundance of great outdoor activities, stunning countryside, beautiful beaches and bustling towns and cities to explore, whether it’s an extended or short break, Northumberland has plenty to offer - including amazing accommodation.
Camping offers an opportunity to experience this beautiful area up close - but tents can have their drawbacks. Which is why in this blog post, we want to offer you an alternative - cottage breaks. We’ve put together 6 reasons why cottage breaks simply make more sense than tents when it comes to making the most of breaks in Northumberland.

1. The weather won’t affect your holiday

There’s no escaping the fact that a UK staycation leaves you in the hands of the unpredictable British weather - even more so if you’re staying in a tent - and it isn’t just the temperature inside your tent that’s difficult to control. Where you choose to pitch up can be affected by poor weather, and if the heavens open, you may find yourself and your belongings getting wet with nowhere to dry out. 
Alternatively, by staying in a cottage, you’ll have a dry place to spend time on rainy days - as well as a place to warm up if you decide to brave the elements. With a cosy home-from-home cottage, you can make the very most of your stay in Northumberland, whatever the weather.

2. You can choose the temperature

Even with the best tent money can buy, it’s incredibly hard to regulate the temperature - meaning you’ll often find yourself overheating on sunny days and feeling bitterly cold in the winter months.
While you can stock up on the best provisions, such as a good quality sleeping bag, campfire and thermals, you may still find yourself experiencing uncomfortable temperatures that can dampen holiday spirits. In contrast, with cottages in Northumberland, you’ll have everything you need and the option of adjusting the temperature to suit your needs - ensuring you’re as comfortable as can be.

3. A good night’s sleep

From the nocturnal wildlife to the uneven floor, camping can be an uncomfortable experience - with even the most padded camp bed likely to leave you aching the next day. 
With action-packed days and nights exploring and sightseeing, your body and mind will definitely thank you for a comfortable bed to sink into after a long day - and with a country or coastal cottage, you can rest assured you can recharge and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4. Somewhere to cook up a good meal

From award-winning fish and chips by the sea to gourmet three-course dinners in nearby Newcastle, short breaks in Northumberland offer a wealth of tasty treats. However, eating out can be expensive and you might decide to whip up your own meals during your stay. 
Naturally, if you’re staying in a tent for the weekend, the menu may be restricted when cooking on a camping stove or BBQ, but with cottage-based weekend breaks in Northumberland, you’ll have a well-equipped kitchen to rustle up affordable and scrumptious home-cooked meals.

5. Your dog will have a place to stay

Another plus point for cottage breaks is the option to bring your four-legged friend along with you for a short break on the Northumberland coast. Of course, you can do this in a tent, but your dog may get agitated as the limited space can be impractical. But if you choose to book dog-friendly cottages in Northumberland, the whole family - including the dog - can holiday together without having to squeeze in a tent or being left behind.

6. You can make short breaks in Northumberland extra luxurious

If you’re looking for luxury short breaks in Northumberland, then a cottage could be just the thing. A far cry from camping in the open countryside in a tent, cottage breaks provide a home-from-home with all the facilities and luxuries you need for a comfortable stay. Whether that’s breath-taking coastal views, sumptuous interiors, fabulous outdoor areas or excellent local amenities and attractions, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for to make your trip extra special.
Whatever type of break in Northumberland you’re searching for, we have a fabulous choice of stunning self-catering cottage breaks - so you can enjoy all the perks of the great outdoors, without having to sacrifice your home comforts.
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